Anita Scianò

Anita Scianò was born in Prato, but now she’s based in Bologna. Since she was really young was used to still her father’s camera to take pictures. Than, by time, she stopped to be a tiff and became a photographer. She achieved a BA in Art Scene at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna, two years later achieved her MA in Photography at the L.A.B.A of Florence. She collaborates with papers and on line magazines as free-lance photographer. Her work moves in an oneiric and intimate direction, she mostly love working by anagogic film, but also works by digital camera. Also Videomaker, she ’s working as operator camera and for final editing. She worked for Tv, Commercial Spot, Music Videoclip, Documentary and Weddings. She’s a member and one of the founders of Cultural Association Sedici, that deals with Contemporary Photography and Visual Arts.