Judy Bedetti
Make up artist

Judy Bedetti was born and raised in Bergamo (Italy) in1990. While being a young volleyball’s sport promise, she quits everything because, hard headed always, she wants to pursue economic independence through study and hard work. After enrolling in law university she feels the urge to follow her too long silenced true artistic and sensitive nature. Again she quits, and after a year being enrolled in BCM Milan doing small works and accumulating experience, she moves to London where she works and lives for 6 months. Finally, back in Milan and eager for continuous research and transformation, she starts working in Fashion, recognizing it as her true love. She then works with countless fashion professionals, always pursuing the make-up artist career in her own way. She’s profoundly spiritual and a passionate nature, sport, art, music, poetry and pizza lover. She doesn’t like to ever put any make-up on her skin and her pink hair and many tattoos are fascinating to people whom relationships with she deems highly important for her spirit.