Thais Brandao Montessori

Thais was born and raised in Milan from a Brazilian father and an Italian mother, both theater actors. From an early age she had the opportunity to breathe the creative environment of theatrical backstage and to immerse in a vibrant artistic dimension, which accompanied her forever. After graduating at NABA she started working as a fashion stylist.
Being herself the result of a meeting between distant cultures, the concept of contamination is fundamental and recognizable in her work, a contamination that is not only cultural but that also speaks about harsh and strong contrasts between the couture world and youth subcultures and Black culture. Mixing classical and other more disturbing elements, she always likes to insert one or more breaking details, with a look and an approach that is often more linked to the world of art, of photo reportage and costume than fashion itself. For Thais, styling is a great opportunity to tell stories, surreal, dreamy or even strongly real and inspire new stories.