Giorgia Faga

She was born in 1990 in Sicily, Syracuse. She doesn’t really remember when her interest for visual arts started but She has a lots of memories of herself playing with her father’s video camera: probably is thanks to him if today She is a photographer. She did all her life classical studies: at school, at the university or just reading at home and this generated her obsession for the body as She has been exposed to the greek way to see it and his shape. In 2009 She moved to Pisa where She studied Cinema Criticism and at the end of her career She moved to Madrid for a master in Fashion Photography. There She had the opportunity to develop her way to see and to play with photography in a bold and free way thanks to te people She met. Now She is based in Milan and her photography is totally changing: She is printing in darkroom her pictures by herself, She shoots only on film and sometimes She uses just an home made black box to shoot because long time exposures helps her a lot for her research. Her photography now is quite “classical “ and slow, relaxed: She loves to mix fashion with old print techniques and being in darkroom is something fundamental for her. Some pictures now are coming from her personal sketchbook where, since She was a baby, She used to draw a naked woman body called “ L’Eloisa “. Today her Eloisa is a real girl, always the same girl, that She shoots naked in different situations and now this is her personal project.