Silvia Macchioni
Fashion stylist

Silvia Macchioni is a stylist born in Rome and living in Milan. Although she has been working as a stylist for the last 3 to 4 years, she doesn╩╝t want to pursue a one-way career as she has diverse interests. After a degree in Political Sciences and Communication, Silvia graduated in Fashion Styling and then in Arts Management. She wrote for magazines, in the past in Italian and currently in English. She experimented shooting with film cameras and, more recently, she completed an internship at the Museum of Fashion in Milan and started assisting a casting director. Her dreams for the future are: to keep working as a stylist, hopefully when she will be free from those tenets that make the work banal and redundant, to work surrounded by people who go deep inside things and ideas instead of being superficial, and to find paths that will bring her closer to art (better if contemporary).